3144 Cullman Avenue

Developed / Sold

The Cullman Vision

  • Previously Nexus Church, located in the heart of NoDa, 3144 Cullman , represented mid-century industrial construction featuring barrel roof with stylized bow-truss construction. Converted industrial building to class – A office, studio, and common work space adjacent to Charlotte’s popular Cross Charlotte Trail greenway
  • Purchase: $825,000
  • Spent: $60,000 (new roof, enhanced HVAC, lighting, office interior to include carpet, paint, acoustic tiles, bathrooms refurbishment, kitchen addition)
  • Sold: $1.2M
Year Built
Square Footage
Currently Tenant Occupied
Location: 3144 Cullman avenue, Charlotte, NC 28206
Land Use: Warehouse
The Numbers...
Purchase Price
Renovation Costs
Sale Price

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